catering trailer

Our catering trailer allows us to go to all different shows and festivals and treat people with our delicious porky treats.

The catering trailer has two setups:


Just the trailer - this is taken to smaller shows and festivals such as bonfire nights and open days


Plus Canvas

The catering trailer plus its add-on canvas that doubles in size, allowing us to take three hog roast machines at once and can cater for a bigger audience such as charity balls, agricultural shows etc

pop up tent

Our Pop-Up Tent allows us to go to smaller events and offer the same service that we would with the catering trailer.


This tent usually comes with us to events like food/street festivals, open-farm Sunday's, parties in the parks etc

With this tent we can fit in a BBQ and a hog roast machine so we can offer a range of different products. We also use this tent if we do double hog roasts for bigger weddings and parties.